Types Of Defenses That A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Help You Understand


When you're accused of a crime, you may have to defend yourself in court. Knowing all your options can aid you in building a solid defense and free you from a guilty verdict. A criminal defense attorney understands various strategies and can assist you in choosing the right one that applies to your specific case. The strategic arguments they will come up with will play an important role in challenging the evidence presented against you by the prosecution. Here are different types of defenses these attorneys will help you understand.

Insanity Defense

You might have heard about insanity defense cases in your favorite TV series involving courtroom dramas. A defense lawyer can explain to you the legal definition of insanity and determine whether you qualify for this type of defense. If they prove that you were mentally ill during the criminal actions, they'll explain that you couldn't differentiate between right and wrong and control your actions. If you are found to fall under the insanity defense, the court won't sentence you for any criminal or civil liability.


This type of defense comes into play when a defendant commits crimes such as murder, battery, or assault in response to violence, threats, and any other unlawful act committed against them. To get these charges dismissed, a criminal attorney will have to convince the court that you acted in self-defense. They'll explain that the victim made threats towards you or physically attacked you. That way, the court will subject you to a lesser punishment. They'll also explain that the intensity of the victim's actions was proportionate to your actions. This will enable you to receive a fair judgment. For example, acting in self-defense against an attacker with a knife will be treated entirely differently from acting against a toddler pricking you with a sharp ball-point pen.


This occurs when you're forced to commit a crime against your will to avoid cruel or extreme consequences. The defense attorney will show that you were coerced into committing the crime to save yourself from bodily harm or death, and it was the only reasonable choice for you to make at that time. If the judges buy this idea, they'll act in your favor and rule that the crime wasn't deliberate.

If you're facing criminal charges, it's advisable to get legal help. An experienced criminal defense attorney will consider all the factors surrounding your case and help you select the best defense that will give you a fair chance to prove your innocence. To learn more, contact a local criminal defense attorney. 


15 March 2022

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