Taking The Stand: It's Up To You


Being represented by a criminal law attorney is a must if you are to fight against being convicted of a crime. There are some situations, though, that call for defendants to make a decision on their own. When it comes to taking the stand during a trial, it's up to you—although your lawyer can advise you on what seems best. This ability to either testify on your own behalf or stay put at the defense table can be more complicated than might, at first, appear, so read on to find out more.

11 December 2019

DUI Arrests And A Choice Of Pleas


Those arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) will face a major decision. Even those that have not yet had an opportunity to speak with their legal counsel will be asked to enter a plea. The plea choices are: Guilty Not guilty Nolo contendere, or no contest For some guidance on how to handle this decision, read on. Your DUI Arraignment Arraignments happen within a day or so of an arrest.

21 August 2019

Top Reasons To Hire A Bail Bond Lawyer After Your Arrest


Finding yourself in jail for any type of crime is never good news for you or your family, and you might want to find a way out quickly after getting arrested. If you want to get out of jail quickly and do not have enough cash to pay your bond, you could either hire a bail bondsman for help, or you could hire a lawyer that offers 24/7 bail bond lawyer services.

15 May 2019