You Got A Job Out Of Country: How Does Your Child Custody Work In This Situation?


After years of struggle, you finally landed your dream job. There are a few problems: it is in another country and your child's other parent is going to fight the move. Even if you have full custody, this fight is going to be tough. But it can be won. Why Moving To A New Country, Even With Full Custody, Is Hard Even if you have full custody of your child and the other parent only rarely sees them, trying to move to a new state, let alone a new country, is going to be tough.

15 October 2018

Your DUI Trial: What To Expect


Getting arrested and accused of driving under the influence can change your life in some surprising ways. Many people are unprepared for the way that the justice system has increased the minimum penalties for this offense in an effort to cut down on drunk driving fatalities. What might have led to a slap on the wrist in the past now has the power to put you in jail, take away your driving privileges and cost you thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

11 September 2018

When High Medical Bills Mean Higher Compensation


If you've been injured by another driver's carelessness on the road, you might be entitled to be paid money damages. Seeking medical care and getting your physical injuries treated is not only a priority for your health and well-being but is an important part of your personal injury suit. Read on to learn more about the importance of your medical expenses in your case. Don't take your medical expenses for granted

9 August 2018

Think It's Just A Misdemeanor? Why Even Your Misdemeanor Charge Requires A Strong Defense


If you've been arrested, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, even if you've been charged with a misdemeanor offense. You may think that defense attorneys are only needed when you're facing felony charges, but that's not necessarily true. Misdemeanor charges can cause you just as must distress. Don't be lulled into believing that your misdemeanor charges don't require legal assistance. Here are just three of the reasons why you need a strong legal defense team, even when you're facing misdemeanor charges.

29 June 2018

What To Know About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney


While no one ever wants to be charged with a crime, sometimes you find yourself in a legal position that you did not expect to be in. Sometimes it's a loved one who has committed a crime. Either way, chances are that some form of legal counsel will be necessary. Seeking legal help is important in order to ensure that you get the fairest treatment possible no matter what you are charged with.

11 May 2018

Criminal Defense Charges: Five Coping Suggestions


Whatever caused you to get caught up in a criminal situation, being arrested for that activity can be a supremely unsettling experience. If you're lucky enough to have someone arrange a bail bond for your release, you might be very unsure about how to proceed and afraid of what may come. Use some of these coping skills and actions before trial. 1. Get a Support Network Above all, you must be around healthy, strong people who will support you.

15 March 2018

Factors That Determine The Length Of DUI License Suspension


Driving license suspension is one of the things people fear most when facing DUI (driving under the influence) charges. The more your license is suspended, the more you will have a problem getting around, especially if your private car is your primary means of getting around. Here are some of the things that determine how long your license is suspended: The Length of Your Administrative Suspension There are two forms of DUI license suspension; administrative and court-ordered suspension.

19 December 2017